Proper Ways to Get Your Music to A DJ:

March 31, 2016


Over the years I have seen many artists use different techniques of getting their music to deejays. Some have worked and some have not. Today I will talk briefly about my personal thoughts on the matter. First I will mention the ways I would avoid of getting your music through to a deejay.

  1. I would refrain from tagging a deejay on social media networks regarding your music. I know personally I am tagged in a ton of music on the daily and tend not to look at any of them.

  2. Sending mass emails is not ideal either. Not only do they tend to get overlooked but sometimes they get filtered by the email system and put into junk mail.

  3. Out of these few methods the one I would steer away from the most is trying to hand your music to the deejay while they are performing. Deejays do not like to be bothered while mixing since usually we are focused on what we are doing and what we are playing next.

Now we have handled that let’s talk about the proper ways of getting your music to a deejay.

  1. Do your research on the deejays you want to get your music to. Some artists try to get their music to any deejay possible but could be possibly wasting their own time. For example if you are a local hip hop artist trying to give your music to a country music deejay or a wedding deejay that would not be ideal. Go check out the scene where you want your music to be played and see who the deejays are performing since these are the ones you want to try to work with.

  2. Make initial contact and introduce yourself to the deejay. Best time to do this would be before/after a gig or when they are taking a break. Sometimes it’s best just to let it be known who you are and that you are interested in getting your music to them. See what they say next. They might give you an email to send your music to or ask for a physical copy on the spot. I know I tend to work with artists who I have seen supporting my gigs and coming through to check me out.

  3. If you are unable to go to wherever the deejays are playing or it is in an area you do not live then sending an email or message that is personalized to that deejay will be the next course of action. In this message introduce yourself and relate to them not only the music you are doing but your motivation, inspirations and such. If I see something comes through from someone who is really driven and is really motivated I am more likely to work with that artist. When you send the message try to attach one or two tracks that you are currently pushing or you feel are the strongest tracks you have.  I would steer away from sending entire projects or mixtapes since the deejay probably has only limited time to check the music out. Also I would not send links if you can help it since you want the least amount of work possible for someone to hear your track.

Hopefully this helps some of the artists out there to get their music through the proper channels and a little enlightenment on how to approach this situation.

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